Windows 7 – The New Operating System For the Future

At the end of the year 2009, the new Microsoft operating system for PCs, Windows 7, will be released. It is based on Windows Vista, but includes several new functionalities and tools. The main goal of the developers was to create an intuitive user interface. So for its development, its programmers used the feedback they have got on the previous versions. Most of the improvements were achieved by smaller changes in the existing user interface. But some functionality has been completely new designed.

A key point to the increased usability is the new taskbar. You can pin your most used programs to it and easily start new programs or change between open windows. For faster access, the size of the symbols in the taskbar has been increased. The new taskbar includes the so called jump list. You can use it in order to get fast access to your photos, documents or favorite places. But the jump list does not only show you the shortcut to your files, it provides you access to increased functionality.

Since the average household has more than one computer or notebook, an easy file and media access over the local network becomes more and more important. play store for pc windows 7 Therefore, the HomeGroup technology was invented. It gives you easy access to all your local computers, files, and other network and media devices, like MP3, cameras and printers. More and more users combine a small, silent but powerful computer system with their home cinema system or other multimedia devices. Windows 7 supports already the next generation of TV and monitors with touch-screen technology. You can easily connect your new TV and play all content in full HD resolution.

The most important fact for system administrators and business users is the higher stability of the PC system compared to Vista. According to Microsoft, there is full system compatibility between Vista and Windows 7. Drivers and software that run under the older operating system should run also under the new one. It is also compatible with most of the programs that were designed for Windows XP. In the business version, Microsoft even includes an XP virtualization tool. Like in Vista, there will be several different versions of the operating system. For most home users, the home premium version will be sufficient enough. IT specialists and enterprises should choose either the Professional or Ultimate version depending on their requirements. For a detailed overview of the differences, you can contact your local Microsoft store or check it carefully in the internet.

Windows 7 is therefore the optimal choice for home and business users. This is the best time to upgrade your old XP computer system to a modern operating system with enhanced features. The great acceptance of Win 7 among computer users can be proved by the following facts: First, after the release candidate was published in the net it was downloaded million times from interested computer users worldwide. Second, a special pre-order box was sold out within days in almost every country. Windows 7 is not only accepted by the computer freaks, but also by the majority of normal PC users.

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