The Modern and Classic Style Chantal Tea Kettle

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea, a Chantal tea kettle is one of the most favourite and popular of recent times. The company was begun in 1979 and quickly became known for both tea kettles and cookware that was made with high-quality, German-engineered enamel-on-steel and featured bright colours and beautiful style.

With a full line of styles, shapes, and features, a kettle manufactured by Chantal is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. In fact, you may want to start with a new tea kettle placed proudly atop your stove and develop a decorating scheme based on its colour and form.

Let’s start with the Copper Classic teakettle, quality crafted of gleaming copper and accented by stainless steel with a traditional whistle. This is the same kind of kettle you may remember at grandma’s house. It makes the perfect addition to an old-fashioned kitchen with warm wood cabinetry, country decorations, and, of course, a rack of copper-bottomed pots hanging from the ceiling.

If you prefer a more modern style, a loop or ball shaped kettle is perfect. electric copper tea kettle Brushed stainless steel, seen so often on today’s appliances, is also ideal for your Chantal tea kettle. If your kitchen features white cabinets accented by bright bursts of colour, you will find that Chantal offers a tea kettle in nearly any hue from mustard yellow to fire engine red. Along with your stovetop kettle, a T Fal electric kettle ensures that you will always have hot tea freshly brewed and ready to serve.

For a retro-style kitchen based on the ever-popular 50s diner theme, an enamel-on-steel kettle in bright red or black or a classic silhouette of gleaming stainless steel would blend perfectly with kitschy décor. If your kitchen is a bit more modern and uses furnishings reminiscent of the 1960s or 1970s, an olive green teakettle provides the ideal bit of colour to stay true to the era.

With timeless styling and beautiful design, you cannot go wrong by choosing a Chantal tea kettle for your kitchen – no matter the type of décor you prefer.

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