The Best Car Wash You’ve Ever Used!

If you’re anywhere between a Boomer generation through to GenY, you’ve probably been taught to wash your car with soapy water and a cloth! I know in some cases, people have been using dishwashing liquid and a tea towel to wash their car because they were told that the best wash was one that left the paint work squeaky clean!

Well, the truth is that both these methods, and many more, are wrong, antiquated or both.

Your top priority when washing your car is always protection of the paint finish! It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive show car or a daily driver that gets you to work and back every day. If your intention is to maintain it’s re-sell value, then your top priority is to keep the paint work free from swirl marks and fine scratches as much as you possibly can.

How do you do that?

Your choice of wash and wash accessories is paramount!

Dishwashing liquid and any other detergents are most definitely OUT! Anything that leaves your car finish squeaky has removed any protective film which exposes your car’s paint to harsh UV light and environmental pollutants.

Tea towels, Tee-Shirts, Cheese-cloths and other fabrics are also out as they cannot lift particles and dirt from the paintwork properly. best car wash soap for foam gun The end result is that they end up rubbing these particles into the paint work and produce spider webbing finish or harsh scratching.

Using so called `soft-cloths’ won’t work either as these are still not designed to lift the dirt and will still cause scratches to appear.

Only Micro-Fibre cloths can properly capture and lift the dirt in order to avoid any scratches at all.

One the dirt is lifted, then the surface needs to be prepared and protected before more dirt is placed back there again via normal driving and environmental pollution.

So what products in the marketplace currently provide this level of protection and where can you source them?

The best base product for paint protection is one that contains Glassplexin! This is also known as Liquid Glass because it covers everything from glass to paint work to wheels and metal work. Liquid Glass can be found in all the Glare products which are available in Australia from Infinity Auto Protection .

In addition, since water preservation has become a top priority in the world’s overall resource management plans, a water based car wash is now very antiquated and not really required. But waterless car washes have been known to fail big time when faced with the challenges of genuinly dirty cars. The reason of course is what we’ve been talking about here and that’s harsh scratching of the paint work.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a waterless product that combined all the benefits of Liquid Glass together with ease of use and the environmental goals of not requiring water?

Well, the great news is that such a product exists!

It’s called Sahara Waterless car wash and is made with a combination of Glessplexin and the GLARE soap that has been used for years as maintenance of Glare protected finishes. So not only do you get a brilliant shine from a safe dirt removal product, you aklso get paint protection that is genuinely waterless.

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