Importance of Developing the Ability to Scan the Road While Driving

The importance of safe driving cannot be stressed enough. Every country follows a stringent process before issuing license to ensure that every license holder is competent to drive safely. Apart from understanding the road rules and car manoeuvres, the person driving the vehicle, should be always mindful of surroundings since anything can happen in a split second.

Take up professional driving lessons:

Though it is acceptable to learn driving from a family member who holds a license, it is recommended to take professional driving lessons to develop safe driving habits. Driving instructors have experience handling young learner drivers and are adept at teaching them handle several road situations.

If you are looking for professional driver lessons in Australia, reach out to LTrent Driving School. They are the leading driving school with 50+ years of experience and are equipped with a team of over 100 instructors. Use their app to complete the booking process easily within seconds. Their instructors will educate you on scanning the road while driving.

Why should a driver scan the road when driving?

A driver requires good observational skills when behind the wheels. Their eyes should remain focused on the road and keep checking different areas in the roads for approaching vehicles. One can avert several road hazards by scanning the road when driving. Scanning involves:

  • Moving your body (whilst paying attention to steering well) to get a better view of approaching vehicles
  • The ability to identify hazards and know the required course of action
  • Checking mirrors every 3 to 5 seconds

Drivers should not only focus on the vehicle in front of them. They should check vehicles which are far ahead and keep checking both left and right. The driver should be aware of possible road hazards he/ she may encounter and potential exit routes to take in case of a hazard. The driver should check if:

  • The road surface is slippery
  • There is a vehicle trying to overtake
  • There is a change in speed limit
  • There is an opportunity to overtake
  • There are road signs regarding sharp corners

Even if you check your mirrors often, remember about ‘blind spots’. These blind spots vary depending on the vehicle. Check the blind spots before making a turn, reversing, merging or changing lines. Avoid staying in the blind spot of the car in front of you. Eliminate all sorts of distractions when driving so that it is easy to stay focused.

There are several laws put in place to ensure people drive safely.  Expect to pay on-the-spot fine of $1000 and 4 demerit points for using the internet in your phone while driving which includes – using social media, texting, emailing and watching videos. You’d be fined $447 for using phone while driving.

Majority of road accidents occur due to the negligence of drivers and could have been averted by being aware of the surroundings and making smart decisions. Get driving training from professional instructors to gain in-depth knowledge of safe driving practices.

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